July 25th 2013 - I met Nicolas Winding Refn and Cliff Martinez at Only God Forgives signing at Origami Vinyl in LA. I gave Mr. Refn a print of my painting “There’s Something Inside You, It’s Hard To Explain” and he said it was “fucking cool.” Compete nerd out on my part and he couldn’t have been nicer, more sincerely supportive and totally into it.

These films inspire me to keep making things that I love to look at, even distracting from my “real” artwork at times. The fan art side projects keep my studio a fun place to go and play and live inside the world of these movies for a little while longer.

I love all the awesome fan art out there - if you run across something really fucking cool or want to share your work please submit or drop me a line!

-the-night-weaver- asked:

Yes the perfect blog finally, sorry if I spam you with likes but this is just the best stuff !! :)) Bronson and drive are two of my favourite movies, Drive possibly my favourite and I love only god forgives so this blog is great good work :)

So sweet! I’m always on the hunt for more fan art let me know if you come across something you love xx